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College is an investment

“The problem in my mind is that education is not discussed as a financial investment. I think people feel like it cheapens the discussion by talking about money and what it’s going to cost and how likely you’re going to be able to pay it back. And I think that’s a huge disservice to everybody. I think they should be thinking about the finances right from the beginning.”

- Excerpt from the Introduction to HOW MUCH SHOULD I BORROW FOR COLLEGE? Taken from an interview by the author with Deanne Loonin, director of the Student Loan Borrower Assistance Project in Boston, which helps students with loan troubles.

Steve Talbott won the National Press Club's Grand Prize for Consumer Journalism.

Put some reality in your college planning by using the "HOW MUCH SHOULD I BORROW for COLLEGE?" guide to show you about:

BE REAL about your future.

Base your debt on what you are really likely to make when you get out of school. Don’t borrow too much because of the pie in the sky promises of college promoters.

Get your college plans grounded in economic reality.

PLAN your college borrowing like an investment to keep from borrowing too much.